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Ommmmgggg ! Bandz Bracelets are the best accesories that have comed out thiss year xD. Im so obssed with Bandz Bracelets that i have 2000and something . Like no joke . I buy my Bandz Bracelets online and in your website there fantastic xD. I love Bandz Bracelets beacuse they make good colors and the FUN to trade and play with . Im an 13 year old and i use Bandz Bracelets. If i see sily bandz i go crazy that i even have to pi! JAJAJAJAJ! I hope i do win the contest I REALLY DO ! My mom and i have bought sillybandz and given them to poor kids and they love it ! Im saving money to get more packs ! This is going to be awssome if i win ! Like i would exploed III LOVEE SILLY BANDDZZZZ <3 Bandz Bracelets I love Bandz Bracelets so much! I buy them at Hallmark, Owls Nest, Learning Express, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, and I even found a hello kitty pack at the hello kitty store! My favorite pack is the art fest because it has a really cool sun it. All of my Bandz Bracelets look so cool on my wrist and me and my friends always trade them. I love that they are so easy to find and come in so many shapes! I remember when I first got a duck and I was so happy, now I have characters and peace signs, and lots more! I also love the Bandz Bracelets rings! It looks just like a silly band except itís on your finger! Keep making more! :D Kennedy Hi. I buy sillybandz from everywhere i can find them. I have over 200. I really enjoy collecting them. Some people collect rocks or perfume bottles. I collect sillybandz. I love to trade them with friends and show my new one that i get. I would love to win the contest to add to my collection. People love to see all my sillybandz. They like to trade them. Please pick me for the contest. Thank you ! Bandz Bracelets is my favorite thing to wear i have all of the collection of it, i when ever the new one come out i always tell my parent to get online and buy me like 5 12pck of it and i love it and i want to win this so i can get new collection i wear them everywhere i go people alway ask me how did you get all of the Bandz Bracelets collection i say ,i alway wanted to collect all of the silly as i can to make Bandz Bracelets proud and im not gonna stop collect this thing ths thing is amazing ! please send me some free Bandz Bracelets thx! I buy my Bandz Bracelets at Walgreen's and Cvs and I buy them at the Mall.I also get them off your website I like Bandz Bracelets because they are inspiring and they can be traded.I would love to be the winner because I'm a BIG FAN OF Bandz Bracelets AND I LIKE JUSTIN BIEBER SO I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HIS PACK!Many people don't like Bandz Bracelets and that is ok I'm mean people all around are different.Nobody can be the same!And that is fine.For people who like Bandz Bracelets, well all I can say is COOL,And I have a Questin for people who like Bandz Bracelets...........What is your Favorite pack and What is your Favorite Silly Band????? My favorite pack is Tie-Die Hippie pack and my favorite silly band is Heart because If you like somebody and they don't know it you can give it to them and maybe they would like you too, or you could give it to your Mom or Dad maybe even you Aunt or Uncle Grandma or Grandpa or even you Friends! I think The creator Robert Croak should make a store for Bandz Bracelets and let little,big and even adults come in and make their own and have them shipped to their house or someone Else's house!! But it is just a idea! I think Bandz Bracelets are great Gifts And great anniversary presents!!!! I have to say Robert Croak you are a smart man and a good inventor!!!! My name is Kaleigh Brandemihl and I live in Palm Harbor Fl, U.S.A and I Love Bandz Bracelets.!!!!!. I Give Bandz Bracelets A thumbs-up and 10 Stars!!!!! They became Famous quick.They sold out quick.They were Amazing Quick!!! That is what I say!!!!!!! Bandz Bracelets ROCK!!!!!!